Tips on How to Keep Your Cell Phone Clean with a Cell Phone Spy


Cell phones used often will collect plenty of germs and bacteria.  Cell phones are kept in different places including people’s hands, pockets, purses, countertops, car dashboard, and the list goes on.  Even if you don’t lay your mobile device down on too many surfaces your hands alone harbor germs that get passed on to your device.  The amount of germs only increases when people share phones.  It may not be visible to the naked eye but cell phones can collect an enormous amount of germs that could be worrisome.  Here are simple tips to help you keep your cell phone clean.


You Can Use Household Products to Clean Your Phone but Be Cautious

People often use household products or whatever happens to be close by when they need to clean their phone.  Some use a napkin, paper towel, or baby wipes.  Keep in mind certain items could affect how the phone looks after you clean with it.  Try to avoid using strong household cleaners.  Every so often you should consider using a disinfectant to keep your phone clean.  You can spray the solution onto a cloth and gently wipe your phone. If you use harsh cleaners it could discolor the hard outer case of the phone.


Don’t Spray Your Phone!

This option is often not recommended especially if your device is not waterproof.  Items such as rubbing alcohol and disinfecting wipes can be enough.  You can use a Q-tip or cotton swap to clean tight areas where dirt and bacteria may buildup.  A soft cloth is likely a good option if you want to use something that will not leave residue.  Some people may be tempted to take their phone apart to clean the inside.  Unless you are highly experienced this is not recommended. You don’t want to risk getting your battery wet or any other areas inside the device. Deciding to take your phone apart could also affect product warranty.


Consider Using Manufacture Cleaning Items or Special Cleaning Systems for Cell Phones

There are other options to consider when wanting to keep you cell phone clean. There are manufactures that offer cleaning items such as specialized wipes to get the job done.  You may need to place an order for them if you are not able to purchase them locally. There are also cleaning systems for cell phones and mobile devices to consider.  This may include a special microfiber cloth, cleaning solution, cotton swabs, and other items to keep your device clean.

If you use your phone often you can expect plenty of surface buildup. This may come from oils or moisture from the skin, makeup or environmental elements.  You can consider using a plastic screen protector to keep your screen clean and reduce risk of scratching.  There are protective cases and covers to consider after you clean or wipe your phone to reduce risk of germs and bacteria.  Keep your hands washed throughout the date to limit transferring of bacteria.

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